Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why we didn't get iPhones

Why did we choose Android over iPhone?

The primary reason: iPhone is only available from AT&T. We have been a customers of T-Mobile for years and years and consequently we have a very sweet plan. We didn't want to pay through the nose for an AT&T contract just to get iPhones. Simple as that.

But, speaking only for myself, even if I could have gotten an iPhone from my current carrier, I'd still buy the Android because I resent Apple's control-freak philosophy about their "closed" systems.

I look at it this way: We here in Memphis gave Steve Jobs a liver, and he gave us the iPhone. We aren't telling him what he can or can't do with his liver. Why should we let him tell us what we can do with our phones?

By the way, Steve, if you ever have a problem with that liver, it isn't our fault. You're just holding it wrong!

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