Monday, June 7, 2010

Apple misses the boat

I took Novella to the Apple store yesterday to get a demo of iPad. I was thinking of it as a possible replacement for the notebook she now hunches over, squinting at her email and doing some Googling.

The first thing the store rep tells us: "This isn't a replacement for a PC. You still have to have a PC in order to use the iPad. So don't get rid of that notebook."

That's not a problem in this household, with no less than four working PCs. But I think Apple missed the boat. As a recent article at Gizmodo points out:
Yet when 300,000 people turned on their iPad for the first time last month, their first experience wasn't magical or revolutionary. It was depressingly retro. That little slice of the future was unusable out of the box because it's just as slavishly umbilicated to a desktop computer by the same white cable as the nearly decade-old iPod.

iPad should have been the netbook-killer. But it's just an overpriced, oversized iPod Touch.

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