Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two bitz

For better or for worse, companies spend millions to try and put a human face on. But let us face the truth: It's all a pretense. Corporations have no humanity. They are machines, driven by profits and guided by cost-benefit analyses.

Can You Look Her in the iPad? by Nick Harding, The Independent/UK (via
Although many technology firms have strict codes of conduct for suppliers, these incidents should have set alarm bells ringing for ethical consumers. Instead of concern however, Apple devotees still queued overnight last month to be the first iPad owners before being whooped to the tills by enthusiastic sales staff. No one in this consumer carnival mentioned overworked, poisoned Chinese factory drones.

Rig Survivors: BP Ordered Shortcut on Day of Blast, by Scott Bronstein and Wayne Drash, CNN (via
The BP official wanted workers to replace heavy mud, used to keep the well's pressure down, with lighter seawater to help speed a process that was costing an estimated $750,000 a day and was already running five weeks late, rig survivors told CNN. BP won the argument, said Doug Brown, the rig's chief mechanic. "He basically said, 'Well, this is how it's gonna be.' "

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