Sunday, March 21, 2010

A blog of my own

I've started and managed several blogs for other people and other purposes, but now I'm finally going to have a blog of my own. A personal blog. I haven't decided what all I might blog about, but I'm certain to cover these two topics:

First: My non-technical friends tend to rely on me for advice with their own computers. I find myself giving the same general advice over and over. So I think I'll post what I think are the most useful "bits" about those "knotty" problems of computer and Internet life, so that my friends will have place to which they can to refer.

Second, I'll probably mention these two cats, who are with me constantly.

A few months ago a stray, pregnant Momma cat came by, begging for food. We fed her and named her Priscilla. A few weeks after that (September), she brought us the fruits of her labor and deposited them at our doorstep in gratitude. That's Millie and Freddie on the blog header, when they were about four weeks old, playing on our door mat.

Cold weather came and we didn't want to see these youngsters shivering, so we brought them inside until we could find a better home for them. Needless to say, they're still here, though we're still looking for home(s).

When I'm at the computer, they hang with me, watching the screen, walking across the keyboard, or napping on the desk beside me. When the printer starts up, they go nuts trying to figure out what the thing is doing, reaching in to try and grab the print head as it swipes back and forth.

Here are all three. Clockwise from top: Priscilla, Millie, and Freddie. Priscilla still lives out in the wild, but she comes by three or four times a day for a food handout. By the way, before you ask: All three have now been spayed/neutered.

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Semavi Lady said...

Thanks to your helpful etc... comments on the Blogger FTP blog, I seem to have made a smooth transition. Good luck with your blog!